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Getting Ready

Introduction to Tree Planting

The purpose of this page is to provide you the necessary information you need to help you succeed in tree planting.

Grab a tree, plant, and repeat. I know it sounds simple, but there is a lot to know before one becomes a successful tree planter. To give yourself an idea of what to expect when tree planting, and the basics on how to do the job, check out these great tutorial videos done by Replant has done a wonderful job of providing all the information necessary to help one prepare and succeed when tree planting. They have a great website and YouTube channel which is full of information about tree planting. There is also plenty of useful information and tips, not only for rookies, but experienced planters too. Enjoy!

For more tree planting related information check out these links:



We at Seneca understand that tree planting is very demanding job, both physically and mentally. We realize that the job we do is one of the hardest out there. Did you know a typical planter will burn almost 5000 calories a day! And the high performance planter can burn up to 7000 calories! Since most of our operations involve hotel accommodations, the food you eat is decided by you rather than a company camp cook. One of the most important aspects of tree planting is the cycle of nutrition, rest, and recovery. Here are some useful links for information on endurance athletes and what they eat. For all you vegetarians and vegans, there is a wonderful link provided detailing hundreds of useful meal recipes. Check out these links:


Tree Planter Health

Over the duration of a long tree planting season your body can break down due to two specific reasons: exhaustion, and the wear and tear from repetitive muscle movements day after day. It can be a great benefit to a tree planter to put in some sort of cardiovascular and muscle training before the season begins! Taking care of oneself while tree planting is vital to a workers safety, health, and success. Here are some key points to remember:


Preventing Tree Planting Injuries

Tree planters in BC report hundreds of work-related injuries each season. These injuries occur mostly to the muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments, and are due largely to the physical demands of tree planting. The reforestation industry group that includes tree planters has an average annual rate of about 22 injury claims per 100 workers. One reason for these injuries may be the pace of work – many tree planters try to plant as many trees as possible, as fast as possible. Depending on the terrain, an experienced tree planter can plant from 100 to 350+ trees per hour, or thousands per day. The work is strenuous. Proper planting techniques, along with sustaining good physical fitness and choosing an appropriate gear, are keys to preventing injury. Based on planting 1600 trees per day, a tree planter lifts a cumulative weight of over 1000 kilograms, bends more than 200 times per hour, drives the shovel into the ground more than 200 times per hour, and travels about sixteen kilometres on foot while carrying heavy loads of seedlings. The way that these activities are performed, for example, forcefully gripping the shovel and trees, and twisting and bending the wrists, can contribute to the injuries. To greatly reduce the risk of injuries, check out these links describing proper ergonomics while performing the job, and stretching techniques: